Our Story V2

Our Story

Hi! We’re 4 friends (Nick, Katherine, Matthew, and Danny) who love traveling and enjoying the company of family and friends. During one of these trips, we finally realized that one thing was consistently getting in the way of the perfect spontaneous road-trip experience: those annoying hard hats rolling around in the back of the truck that’s always rattle and take up valuable foot space. Plus, there’s all the other personal protective equipment scattered around the truck like safety glasses, earplugs, and safety gloves. Nick and Matthew’s jobs required them to have all of that PPE, but it was definitely annoying and inconvenient to constantly have to move it to and from the vehicle.


This got us thinking: why not create a storage solution that holds all common PPE? Couldn’t it also provide storage for whether you’re on the road, in the office, or on the job site? Why not building something that holds everything, not just your hard hat?

So, we put our heads together and began a design and creation process of what we though would make the best possible mobile storage device. We taught ourselves to 3d print; we went through countless spools of filament making hundreds of prototypes;  we patiently perfected a design. After more than two years of late nights, design changes, testing, and improvements, the Hard Hat Caddy was born.

We’re no longer printing in our spare bedroom, but we’re proud to have each Hard Hat Caddy manufactured and assembled in our home state of Georgia, and close by in South Carolina, too.

We’re continually energized by the connections we’ve made with Hard Hat Caddy users. Thank you for your pictures, your messages, and your support. We are truly grateful.

-Nick, Katherine, Matthew, and Danny