Design features

Clean, minimal design

Optimized for efficiency

Compact mobile design


Animated callouts

Our Fading Image Hero section lets you create a unique animated slideshow that combines beautiful imagery and bold statements.

Video features

.MP4, YouTube and Vimeo support

Supports all major video formats for flawless high quality video across your store. We recommend .MP4 or YouTube.

Brand video

Take your brand to the next level with autoplaying high quality video built into two different sections on your homepage. Your videos will be just as beautiful on mobile as they are on desktop.

Traditional video

Include a full click-to-play video player with video controls and audio right on your homepage.

Product video

Bring the runway to the screen by showing autoplaying product videos right inline with the rest of your product images.

Homepage sections

Three hero sections

Large video, a slideshow, and an animated bold statement section can all be used interchangeably throughout your homepage depending on your current promotions.

Collection callouts

A beautiful collection grid showcases all your collections and an additional section can highlight a single collection by automatically showcasing the products within it.

Full single product section

Showcase a product for purchase right from the homepage, complete with reviews, video and any other extra tabs you have set up.

Full-width images, video and text

Showcase a large photo or video of your products and provide a perfectly readable description, link or callout right on top of it.

Everything else and more

Blog posts, testimonials, maps, text columns, and a custom layout builder.

Collection pages

Subcollection quick links (NEW)

Quickly browse between customizable tags or subcollections without ever leaving the page with our collection quick links feature. Watch the video

Large image banner

Show an optional big, beautiful banner across the top of your collection pages.

Image switching on hover

Customers can quickly see a second product image by hovering their mouse over a product.

Color swatches

Let customers see what colors are available for a product with either a solid color or a textured image.

Flexible layout

Choose how many products you want to show per row and Motion will arrange them for you.

See Conversion Features for quick shop and more.

Product pages

Product video

Show autoplaying product videos inline with the rest of your product images. Mobile-friendly with support for YouTube, .MP4 and Vimeo.

Additional sections (NEW)

Tell your brand's story or promote other products or pages right on your product page with 7 modular sections on our new product.sections template.

Flexible layout

Adjust the size of your product images and product description to match the size of your products.

Mobile-friendly zoom (NEW)

Customers can quickly look closer at a product image in our new thumb-friendly zoom popup.

Color swatches

Let customers choose their color variant by showing either a solid color or a textured image swatch.

Continue shopping

Large image callouts at the end of your product page help prevent churn by enticing customers to return to a collection or navigate to the next product.

Related products

Showcase related products from the same collection below your featured product or from a custom collection of related products below your featured product.

See Conversion Features for review integration and more.

Conversion features


Quickly look at a product’s complete details page while browsing a collection, homepage, or related products.

Pop-out cart

Encourage quick checkout and continued shopping by never making customers leave the product page.

Integrated reviews

One click seamless integration of Shopify’s Product Reviews app, built right into the theme as a tab on product pages.

Product tabs

Address crucial pre-purchase questions by adding text in a tab to all product pages (ex: shipping rates, return policies) or by adding tabs to specific product pages through utility tags

Product question form

Let customers ask questions when and where they occur by adding a contact form in a tab on your product pages.

FAQ template (NEW)

Answer common questions of any length on our expandable frequently asked questions page template.

Marketing features

Landing page with sections (NEW)

Create an engaging landing page using the 10 modular sections on our new page.sections template.

Newsletter popup

Collect customer contact information by offering them promotions in a popup. Set a delay so that the popup doesn’t interrupt their experience.

Footer newsletter

Collect email addresses and provide an enticing message sitewide on your footer.

Beautiful blog

Market to your customers on our beautiful staggered blog design. Articles have been optimized for readability and easy commenting.